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Oracle 11g razno

Sve se radi iz Oracle SQL Developer-a. 1. Kako videti sve naloge koji imaju pravo nad bazom : select * from all_users; ALL_USERS lists all users of the database visible to the current user. This view does not describe the … Continue reading

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WebLogic (Oracle) i HTTP logovi

WebLogic HTTP log je (po default-u) access.log, i on se može konfigurisati ili kao “COMMON” ili kao “EXTENDED” log format. ***** COMMON log format je definisan i takav je kakav je. Izgleda ovako : 10.xx.xx.xx – velda [22/Mar/2018:13:21:04 +0100] “POST … Continue reading

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O bazama podataka – Oracle

Pošto radim sa njima, ajde da i znam osnovne stvari o bazama. Ovde je reč o Oracle bazama….. ***************************************************************** A database is an organized collection of information treated as a unit. The purpose of a database is to collect, store, … Continue reading

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