Daaa, radim ITIL sada.
Čitam knjigu “ITIL foundation for IT service management”. Brrrr
Naravno, oko 30% teksta su SKRAĆENICE!!!!

AST – Agreed Service Time
BCM – Business continuity management
BIA – Business impact analysis
BPM – Business process management
BRM – Business relationship management/manager
CAB – Change advisory board
CAM – Change advisory management
CI – Configuration item
CIO – Chief information officer
CEO – Chief executive officer
CMDB – Configuration management database
CMS – Configuration management system
CSF – Critical success factor
CSI – Continual service improvement
CSM – Configuration management system
DIKW – Data-to-information-to-knowledge-to-wisdom
DIY – do it yourself
DML – Definitive media library
DT – Down time within AST
ECAM – Emergency change advisory board
ISM – Information Security Management
ITSM – IT service management
ITSCM – IT service continuity management
ITSP – IT service provider
KEDB – Known error database
KM – Knowledge management
KPI – Key performance indicator
M_o_R – Management of risk
MTBF – Mean time between failures
MTBSI – Mean time between service incidents
MTRS – Mean time to restore service
OLA – Operational level agreement
PBA – Patterns of Business Activity
PDCA – Plan, do, check, act
PIR – Post implementation review
PSO – Projected Service Outage
RACI – Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed
RAG – Red, amber and green (charts)
RFC – Request for change
ROI – Return on investment
SACM – Service asset and configuration management
SCM – Service Catalogue Management
SCMIS – Supplier and contract management information system
SD – Service design
SDP – Service Design Package
SIP – Service improvement plan/program
SKMS – Service knowledge management system
SLA – Service level agreement
SLAM – Service level agreement monitoring
SLM – Service Level management
SLR – Service level requirements
SO – Service operation
VBF – Vital business function
TCO – Total cost of ownership
UC – Underpinning contract

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