SCOM alerts

Razni alerti koji se javljaju pod SCOM-om, i šta raditi po tim pitanjima.

1. Max Concurrent API reached in Server XYZ

MaxConcurrentApi is a registry key which specifies the maximum number of simultaneous, logon-related, application programming interface (API) calls that can be transmitted across a secure channel at any one time.
Windows Authentication, Exchange, SharePoint + LOB outages due to the low default value for MaxConcurrentAPI, which is a ceiling for the maximum NTLM or Kerberos PAC password validations a server can take care of at a time (link1).
Solution1 : Raise the MaxConcurrentApi registry value on the server or servers which are seeing the issue.
Soulution2 : U zavisnosti od verzije SCOM-a i njegovog update-a, ovo može biti lažna uzbuna (link2)

2. NTFS – Delayed Write Lost
Ako se ovo javlja za VM-ove (virtuelme mašine) koje su na VMWAre-u, ovo se može ignorisati. U pitanju je VMWare bug (link).

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