Neki UNIX kernel parametri

Kako izlistati kernel parametre :
# kctune |grep maxfiles_lim
Ili, za detaljniji prikaz :
# kctune -v ime-kernel-parametra

Kako promeniti kernel parametar : korišćenjem SAM-a
All configurable kernel parameters must be specified using an integer value or a formula consisting of a valid integer expression.
All can be specified as an integer, and most can be specified using a formula; but only a minority are usually specified using formula values.

maxfiles_lim sets the hard limit for the number of files a process is allowed to have open simultaneously.
Acceptable Values : Minimum=30, Maximum=60000, Default=1024
Odnos sa drugim parametrima :
maxfiles <= maxfiles_lim << nfile (a najmanje 2*maxfiles_limit) nfile
Tunable nfile
Description Maximum number of file descriptors (system-wide)
Module fs
Current Value 65536 [Default]
Value at Next Boot Default (automatic)
Value at Last Boot 65536
Default Value 65536 (automatic)
Constraints nfile >= 2048
nfile <= 2147483647 nfile >= (2 * maxfiles_lim)
Can Change Automatic Tuning Enabled