Neke Internet skraćenice

AAMOF = As A Matter Of Fact
ADN = Any Day Now
AFAIK = As Far As I Know
AFK = Away From Keyboard
ANY1 = Anyone
A/S/L = Age/Sex/Location
AWGAD = And Who Gives A Darn
ASAP = As soon as possible

BAC = By Any Chance
BBL = Be Back Later
BEWG = Big Evil Wicked Grin
BRB = Be Right Back
BRT = Be Right There
BK = Because
BTW = By The Way
BTDT = Been There, Done That
BTA = But Then Again
BWG = Big Wide Grin
B4 = Before
B/C = Because

C = See
CU = See You
CUL = See You Later
CYA = See You

DIIK = Damned If I Know
DQOTD = Dumb Question of the Day
DTRT = Do The Right Thing
D/L = Download
D/U = Download/Upload (Ratio)

EOD = End Of Discussion
EOF = End of File

FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions
FYEO = For Your Eyes Only
FYI = For Your Information
FWIW = For What Its Worth

<G> = Grin
GR8 = Great
GGN = Gotta Go Now
GMV = Got My Vote
GMTA = Great Minds Think Alike
GOK = God Only Knows
G2G = Got To Go

IAC = In Any Case
IC = I see
ICU = I see you ….
ICU2 = I see you too
ICBW = I Could Be Wrong
ICOCBW = I Could, Of Course, Be Wrong
ILY = I Love You
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
IMNSHO = In My Not So Humble Opinion
IOW = In Other Words
IYSWIM = If you see what I mean

J\K = Just Kidding
JOOC = Just out of Curiosity

KHYF = Know How You Feel
KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid

<L> = Laugh
LOL = Laughing Out Loud
LOL = Lost Of Love
LTNS = Long Time No See
LTNT = Long Time, No Type
L8TR = Later (as in see ya later)
LMAO = Laughing My A.. Off

M8 = Mate
ME2 = Me too
MORF = Male Or Female
MPOV = My Point Of View

NBL = Not Bloody Likely
NE1 = Anyone
NOYB = None Of Your Business
NP = No Problem
NRN = No Reply Necessary
NTYMI = Now That You Mention It

ODAT = One Day At a Time
OMG = OH, My God
OAS = On Another Subject
OTOH = On The Other Hand
ORLY = O Really ?

PPL = People
PITA = Pain In The A**
POV = Point Of View
PZ = Peasey (i.e. EZ PZ easy peasey)

QL = Cool
QEWL = Cool

REHI = Hi again
ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing
ROFLMAO = Rolling On Floor Laughing My A.. Off
RSN = Real Soon Now
RL = Real Life
RTFM = Read that F…ed Manual

SAH = Stay At Home
<S> = Smile
SOP = Standing Operational Proceedures
STR8 = Straight
SUP = What’s Up
S/U = Shut Up
SYS = See You Soon
SYS = System
SN = screen name

TAFN = Thats all for Now
TCFW = Too Cute For Words
TDM = Too Damn Many
TFT = Thanks for That
TIA = Thanks In Advance
TMI = Too Much Information
TXS = Thanks
THX = Thanks
TTBOMK = To The Best Of My Knowledge
TTFN = Ta Ta For Now
TTYL = Talk to you later
TYT = Take Your Time
TYVM = Thank You Very Much

U/L = Upload

V = Victory
VFY = Voted For You

WAW = Why Ask Why?
WB = Welcome Back
W/E = What Ever
/WO = With out
W8 = Wait
WILTY = Would I Lie To You?
WTG = Way To Go
WTF = What The F***?

XP = Experience (as in my experience)
XTG = Axe To Grind (foul tempered mIRCer)

YABA = Yet Another Bloody Acronym
YMBK = You Must Be Kidding
YMBJ = You Must Be Joking
YAP = Yet Another Ploy
YGLT =You’re Gonna Love This
YHTBT = You Had To Be There

Z = Sleeping or Bored (obvious zzzZZZZ)