Squid+Delay Pools

Meni treba nešto da određenom broju VIP korisnika obezbedim uvek određeni protok (za smanjenje protoka već imam programđe Squish, o kome je reč ovde).
Delay Pools izgleda kao nešto što bi moglo da reši moj problem.
Definicije :
Delay pools provide a way to limit the bandwidth of certain requests based on any list of criteria. Zahteva najmanje Squid 2.2. i da je Squid kompajliran sa opcijom –enable-delay-pools.
Nekoliko osnovnih stavki :
class – the class of a delay pool determines how the delay is applied, ie, whether the different client IPs are treated seperately or as a group (or both)
class 1 – a class 1 delay pool contains a single unified bucket which is used for all requests from hosts subject to the pool
class 2 – a class 2 delay pool contains one unified bucket and 255 buckets, one for each host on an 8-bit network (IPv4 class C)
class 3 – contains 255 buckets for the subnets in a 16-bit network, and individual buckets for every host on these networks (IPv4 class B)
delay_pools – defines how many pools we want to use.
delay_class – tells which type of pool is being used.
delay_parameters – sets our restrictions, fill rate/maximum bucket size.

Kako proveriti sa kojim je opcijama Squid kompajliran :
# squid -v
Squid Cache: Version 3.1.10
configure options:  ‘–build=x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu’ ‘–host=x86_64-