Šta je apsolutno esencijalno znati kada se koriste Linux man strane :
Man strane nemaju hiperlinkove.
Novija verzija se zove “info” strane.
Broj odeljka/Opis
1 Executable programs and shell commands
2 System calls provided by the kernel
3 Library calls provided by program libraries
4 Device files (usually stored in /dev)
5 File formats
6 Games
7 Miscellaneous (macro packages, conventions, and so on)
8 System administration commands (programs run mostly or exclusively by root)
9 Kernel routines

Pomoćne komande :
Manje detaljna : whatis
# whatis man
man (1) – format and display the on-line manual pages
man (1p) – display system documentation
man (7) – macros to format man pages
man.config [man] (5) – configuration data for man
man [manpath] (1) – format and display the on-line manual pages
man-pages (7) – conventions for writing Linux man pages
Više detalja : apropos
# apropos man
automount (8) – manage autofs mount points
sesman.ini [sesman] (5) – Configuration file for sesman(8)
sesman [xrdp-sesman] (8) – xrdp(8) session manager
sesrun [xrdp-sesrun] (8) – sesman(8) session launcher

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