Razne Linux licence

Software is a type of intellectual property which is governed by copyright laws, and in some countries, patent laws.

FSF – Free Software Foundation
4 freedoms :
Freedom to use the software for any purpose
Freedom to examine the source code and modify it as you see fit
Freedom to redistribute the software
Freedom to redistribute your modified software
GPL – General Public License (or GNU GPL), GPLv2 (Linux kernel) and GPLv3 (combats HW restrictions that limit 4 freedoms, example is Android OS)
LGPL – Lesser GPL (comerciall licensed programs may use GPL libraries), licenca koja se obično koristi kada su u pitanju biblioteke.
GNU FDL – GNU Free Documentation License (Wikipedia)
Copyleft – FSF filozofija i licence
OSI – Open Source Initiative
Open source : derived SW from free SW may be distributed under other than GPL license.
(Nearly) all open source is free, but not all open source is free.
Creative Commons
Their licenses are aimed at audio recordings, video recordings, textual works, and so on, not just computer programs.

Neke dodatne definicije vezane za licence :
EULA – End User License Agreement
BSD – Unlike the GPL, the BSD license allows modifications to be distributed under other licenses.
MIT (or X11) – The Massachusetts Institute of Technology license, used on Xorg-X11 (included in nearly all Linux distros)
NPL and MPL – The Netscape Public License (NPL) and Mozilla Public License (MPL)