Crtice :
Na jednom AD DC može jednovremeno biti samo jedan domen.
Da bi AD radio mora imati DNS koji podržava SRV zapise u sebi.
Any server on which you have installed Active Directory is a domain controller (DC)
The global catalog is a subset of domain information created for the purpose of enabling domain controllers in other domains in the same forest to locate resources in any domain.
First domain in the entire forest is not only a root domain, but is also the forest root
Klijentska mašina može jednovremeno biti u samo jednom domenu.
Ako se nad deljenim folderom stavi “Everybody” to idalje podrazumeva nalog pod datim domenom, da bi se deljenom folderu prišlo.

Komponente AD-a :

  • OU – organisational unit
  • Domain
  • Tree
  • Forest


  • Namespace (flat or hierarchical)
  • Object (may be of different classes)
  • Container
  • Schema – a set of rules that define the classes of objects and their attributes that can be created in Active Directory
  • Global catalog – a central information database
  • Partition

Fizičke : folderi, štampači, sites (komponente međusobno povezane brzom mrežom), DCs …..