WIN server 2012 R2 skraćenice

O čemu ja to ovde?
Pa treba da spremam MSCA, pa je prvi deo (70-410) upravo vezan za instalaciju ovog servera.
Pošto ja o WIN serverima ne znam baš mnogo, počinjem iz početka, što uključuje GOMILE raznih skraćenica!
Skraćenice :
AAS – application asignment scripts
ABE – access based enumeration, prikazuje samo resurse kojima korisnik ima pravo da pristupi
ACL – access control lists
ACE – access control entry
AD CS – Active Directory certificate services
AD DS – Active Directory domain services
AD FS – Active Directory federated services (Trustbridge)
AD LDS – Active Directory lightweight directory services
ADMT – Active Directory migration tool, migracija objekata iz jednog domena u drugi
AD RMS – Active Directory rights management services
ADSI – Active Directory service interfaces
API – application programming interfaces
APIPA – automatic IP addressing, automatsko samododeljivanje IP adrese klijentu, ako ne postoji DHCP u mreži
ARP – address resolution protocol, used in switches
AXFR – full (DNS) zone transfer (all the data in the DNS database)
BDC – boot configuration data
BIND – Berkley internet name domain, SW for DNS servers
BOOTP – bootstrap protocol, for DHCP
CA – certification authority
CHAP – challenge handshake authentication protocol
CIDR – classless inter-domain routing
CLR – common language runtime
CNAME – alias record, or a canonical name, DNS record entry
CRL – certificate revocation list
CSV – comma separated value, oblik prikaza podataka u fajlu, gde su podaci odvojeni zapetama
DAC – dynamic access control, upravljanje pristupom fajlovima i folderima
DISM – deployment image servicing and management
DDNS – dynamic DNS standard, DNS DB is automatically build and may be updated by DNS clients
DHCP – dynamic host configuration protocol
DFS – distributed file system
DLL – dynamic link library
DN – distinguished names, unique name under the AD (defines the complete path from the top of the tree to the object)
DNS – domain name system, resolves a name to a IP address, RFC 1034+1035, do NOT map directly to AD domains
DNSSEC – DNS security extensions
DORA – discover, offer, request, acknowledge – DHCP process list
DSC – desired state configuration
DSRM – Directory Service Restore Mode
EFI – extensible firmware interface
EFS – encrypted file system
EMF – enhanced metafile, a print job format
FQDN – fully qualified domain name (computer name + domain name)
FSMO – flexible single-master operations, posebni AD DC-i sa kojih se mogu vršiti radnje rezervisane samo za njih
FSRM – file server resource manager
GC – global catalog
GPMC – group policy management console
GPO – group policy objects, odnose se na pojedinačne OUs
GPMC – group policy management console
GPPS – group policy preferences
GPT – GUID partition table (newer partition style for HDDs)
GPU – graphic processing unit
GUID – globally unique identifiers, under AD
HBA – host bus adapter, HW uređaj za spoj hosta sa mrežom
IANA – Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
ICANN – Internet corporation for assigned names and numbers
ICMP – Internet control message protocol, ping command
ICS – Internet connection sharing
IETF – Internet engineering task force
IFM – install from media
IGMP – Internet group management protocol
IIS – Microsoft web server (internet information services)
IHV – independent HW vendor
IN – Internet class, zone class in a DNS record
IPAM – IP address management, bolji za upravljanje IP adresama, od samog DHCP-a
IPsec – Internet protocol security
ISATAP – intra-site automatic tunnel addressing protocol, IPv4 to IPv6 interoperability
iSCSI – Internet small computer system interface (port 3260), block level storage access
iSNS – Internet storage service name, finds iSCSI storages on a network
ISTG – inter-site topology replication
IQN – unique name for a iSCSI storage
IXFR – incremental (DNS) zone transfer
JET – joint engine technology, database technology used in DHCP nad WINS servers
KCC – knowledge consistency checkers, part of the AD for application data replication
KDC – Kerberos distribution center
LBFO – load balancing and failover
LDAP – lightweight directory access protocol
LUN – logical unit number, used in storages
MAC address – media access control address
MADCAP – multicast address dynamic client allocation protocol, protocol that controls multicasting
MBR – master boot record (older partition style for HDDs, bootable)
MIM – Microsoft identity management
MLD – multicast listener discovery
MLGPO – multiple logical group policy objects
MMC – Microsoft management console
MPIO – multipath I/O, to use redundant physical paths connected to a storage device
MRA – Microsoft remote admin
MSA – managed service accounts
MSI – Microsoft windows installer
MSP – Microsoft patches
MST – Microsoft transformation files
MX – mail exchange record, part of a DNS record
NAP – network access point
NAP – network access protection
NAPTR – Naming Authority Pointer (DNS records)
NAS – network attached storage, file level access, NFS, CIFS, HTTP protocols
NDDNS – non-dynamic DNS does not automatically populate the DNS database
NIC – network interface controller
NLB – network load balancing
NOS – network operating systems
NPIV – N port identification virtualization, FC facility, omogućava da više n-potova koristi jedan fizički N-port
NS – name server
NTFS – Windows NT (new technology) file system
NUMA – non-uniform memory access
OU – organizational unit, part of the AD structure (logical group of AD objects)
PCL – printer control language
PDC – primary domain controller, vezan za legacy servere pod AD-om
PIN – personal identification number
PKI – public key infrastructure
PTR – pointer record, a DNS entry for a reverse DNS zone (mapping IP address to a hostname)
PXE – preboot execution environment, podrazumeva PXE capable mrežnu karticu na klijentskoj mašini, i DHCP i WDS servere u mreži
RAID – redundant array of independent discs (0-striping, 1-mirroring, 5-striping with parity)
RAS – remote access connection
RBAC – roll-back access protocol
RDN – relative distinguished name, part of a AD
ReFS – resilient file system
RFC – request for comments, documents that regulate IT
RMS – right management service
RODC – read-only domain controller, a full copy of a Active Directory DB, without the write ability to write in AD
RR – resource record, information about a DNS zone
RRAS – routing and remote access server
RRSIG – digital signature
RSAT – remote server administration tool
RSoP – resultant set of policy
SACL – system access control lists
SOA – start of authority, part of a DNS record, defines general zone parameters
SID – security identifier, a value that uniquely identifies a security principal in AD
SPN – service principal name
SRV – service record, part of a DNS record
SSL – secure socket layer
SSO – single sign-on
SSP – security support provider
SSPI – security support provider interface
TCP/IP – transmission control protocol/internet protocol
TLD – top level domain(s), directly under a root “.” domain
TLS – transport layer security
TTL – time-to-live, how long the record is valid (how long it may be cached, before making another query)
UDP – user datagram protocol, mnogo manji saobraćaj nego TCP protokol, jer nema potvrde prijema paketa
UPN – user principal name, under AD, npr (
VBScript – visual basic script
VDI – virtual desktop infrastructure
VDS – virtual disk service, application for managing all storage devices
VID – virtual infrastructure driver
VHD – virtual hard disc, formed from a storage pool
VLSM – variable length subnet masking
VM – virtual machine
VPN – virtual private network
VSP – virtual service provider
VSS – volume shadow copy service
WAN – wide area network
WBF – Windows biometric framework
WDS – Windows deployment services
WinRM – Windows remote manager
WINS – Windows internet name service, MS TCP/IP name resolving, old and now abandoned (Win 2000 onward)
WMI – Windows management instrumentation
WSD – web services on devices
WSH – Windows script host, za pisanje skripti koje se izvršavaju kod klijenta prilikom startup/shutdown i/ili logon/logoff-a
WSUS – Windows server update services
WWN – world wide name, ime fiber channel storidža
XPS – XML paper specification, print job format