Malo o Linux kernelu

Crtice o Linux kernelu :

*The Linux kernel is a monolithic kernel. This means that the whole operating system is on the RAM reserved as kernel space.
*The kernel owns that space on the RAM until the system is shut down. With kernel space, once the RAM space is taken, nothing else can have that space.
*The kernel will pause some tasks to ensure that every application gets a chance to use the CPU.
*The Linux kernel makes devices appear as files in the folder /dev.
*The Linux kernel is portable. Portability is the ability for the kernel to work on a wide variety of processors and systems.
*In the boot folder (/boot/), users will see a “vmlinux” or a “vmlinuz” file. Both are compiled Linux kernels. The one that ends in a “z” is compressed. The “vm” stands for virtual memory.
*Block devices are devices that accept and send data in blocks. Data blocks are chunks of data instead of a continual stream.
*Drivers are small programs that enable the kernel to communicate and handle hardware or protocols (rules and standards).
*Kernel security is achieved using Linux Security Modules (LSM) – AppArmour, SELinux, Smack, TOMOYO (standard LSMs) etc.

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